By these limits were they circumscribed and of them were they locus

by Golconda

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music & lyrics by Luke Gullickson
June 2012, New Mexico
August 2012, Chicago

© 2013 by Two Labyrinths Music (ASCAP)

cover art is "Saint John in the Desert" by Mary Laube


released April 23, 2013


all rights reserved



Golconda Albuquerque, New Mexico

Peripatetic avant-troubadour songs for the discerning vagabond

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Track Name: Milwaukee Blues
Put down the apples
Make up your mind
Some old man once told me that you're not the leaving kind anymore
You might beat on the drums with matchsticks
Stand up on your chair
A younger man did tell me there's a different world out there
Where we can ride
If you'll tie up both your laces and decide
But as you do your buttons
And kick away the snow
You should listen to your mother,
She says, everywhere you go
That the Milwaukee blues will find you
And the crickets will remind you of the door
The woven scrim will set in
Like the oak leaves that you let in on the floor
And this time it's sticking 'round

When I was nine and twenty
I knew a girl like you
She'd throw open the windows
Whenever a cold wind blew down from the west
One day we two were walking
Down a brick lane by the Seine
A white dog walked behind us,
Except he'd disappear just when I turned around
All the same, his paws did make that clicking sound
I never saw that woman fluster
Or shed a single tear
But when she left that morning,
She whispered right into my ear
That the Milwaukee blues would drive me
To the creekbed and deprive me of my rest
All the fences will be broken
But I'll lack the key to open up the chest
And this time it won't be found

Now that I am older
I don't scare with such ease
When a cat comes scratching at my door
I'll make her ask me please before I let her in
The raindrops on the tin roof make a din
But the Milwaukee blues sit silent
Like a mantelpiece, compliant, over the fire
Its teeth have all been busted
Since its poetry fell rusted along the wire
And this time it's staying down
Track Name: Stone
Well, I said, the night was cold,
And now the sun is growing old
Above the street lights and the trees
The evening wears a sandstone crown,
So you dress up, I'll dress down
And we'll make a spiral in the breeze

Nine A.M. to noon was mine,
But you stepped out of a cello line
While I was looking for a friend
And on the afternoon that we
Went sailing on the dried-up sea,
You gave me a look I wanted to see again

But the tide was coming in
& though it wore a lion's skin
We slipped into its judgment like a stone
And now I swim alone

The desert sky was stripped and bare
And you and I were standing where
The distant mountain air slipped through the door
The past was just potato stew
And as I caught a glimpse of you
I knew you were the poet we were looking for

With the valley such a brilliant sight,
I missed the girl just to your right,
So now eighteen holes will rearrange
Half was Texas swinging low
The other half was in Mexico
You and I, we never seen the change

With the river switching ways
I was losing track of the days
And we slipped into their judgment like a stone
And now I swim alone
Track Name: June 19
June 19 was rusty
About a quarter after three
I walked up on the forty just to see what I could see
The old well gazing dusty on the prairie dogs about
Imagine my surprise when I saw someone climbing out

First I see a bunch of fingers
Then a pair of arms to match
Soon enough, three more sets of limbs had sprung out of the hatch
And four sun-kissed maidens stood beside me on the way
Which one of them was loveliest I swear I could not say

Where do you ladies come from and whither do you go
These two are among the things that I would like to know
But they had no answer to my questioning
Instead they picked up their hands up high and they began to sing

They said, all you need's an open sky
And a kerosene lamp to see things by
So throw on a pair of old blue jeans
Never ask just what tomorrow means
It's a beat-up guitar with the strings tuned low
It's a forest up in Idaho
And it might kill you if you let it in

Olivia was laughing like she had someplace to go
Kyri, she was winsome like an antique radio
Allie wore a smile like she had a tale to tell
And when I saw Keturah it was almost like I fell

Right into an open sky
With just a kerosene lamp to see things by
Like I could throw on a pair of old blue jeans
And never ask just what tomorrow means
I was a hitchhiker on a moonlit street
She was a meadow at 10,000 feet
Though she might kill me if I let her in

A pickup truck came rolling, Kyri said it was their ride
Olivia jumped into the back with Keturah right beside
That just left two of us lingering, circled by the pines
So I whispered, pretty Allie, won't you tell me one more time

She said, tomorrow is a seasick child
It's a tomato vine strung in the wild
It's a footstep on an overgrown trail
The stars seen from a hilltop jail
It's a carousel up on the moon
It's the world streaking past your basement room
It's a broken compass and a broken bone
The whispers you hear when you're alone
And you might kill it if you let it in
Track Name: El Prado Woman
It's the wind, makes a mess of your old newspaper dress
It's the rain late in the day, throws your storybooks away
Were it not for things like these, we could be okay

It's the sky rushing in til it meets the boardwalk bar
It's the sound of wheels turning from the 47th car
Were it not for things like these, I wouldn't stray so far

So El Prado woman, open up your mind
Those three stones that sing from the other side

It's the judge that holds me back, it's the river that's on my mind
It's the sight of the horizon dripping like a watermelon rind
But for Hercules and the Oarsman, we would be just fine

I've got a bird that whistles, I've got a bird that sings
He speaks of distant countries, yeah he knows a thousand things
But not which creek in Austin still bears the ring

So El Prado woman, we should take it slow
Let the three stones take you where the music wants you to go
Track Name: Passacaglia (for Kelly)
Kelly don't cry it'll be alright
The moon is shining oh so bright tonight on the San Agustin Plains
I know it's lonesome on that hill
One day soon together we'll intone our summertime refrains

The Magdalena sunset will offer you this dance
The water in the sequia will sweeten the expanse
As we're glowing on the way into town
As the Magdalena sun is coming down

The Magdalena sunset will offer you this dance
I knew that I loved you from the first Montana glance
From your almond ashen evening smile
Come through my window, Kelly, and stay a while

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