The Lost Forest

by Golconda

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Luke Gullickson - guitar, sing; harmonium (4, 5, 6)
Chris Fisher-Lochhead - viola (1, 4, 6)

For a couple of weeks I was only a couple of hours’ journey from the Lost Forest, but I never made it there. Which is kind of perfect, when you think about it.

cover art by Derek Chan

with gratitude to PLAYA, where things quiet down

music & lyrics by Luke Gullickson
June 2018, Summer Lake, Oregon
© Two Labyrinths Music (ASCAP)


released October 25, 2019

2LR 015

℗ 2019 by Two Labyrinths Records  
PO Box 10185 
Albuquerque, NM 87184 


2LR is a division of the Two Labyrinths Institute for Sound and Symbology.


all rights reserved



Golconda Albuquerque, New Mexico

Peripatetic avant-troubadour songs for the discerning vagabond

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Track Name: Fiddle Song
Well if I had a fiddle, and if I could play it well
The sound of my a-fiddling would ring out like a bell
No I’d never stop my fiddling, not morning noon nor night
I’d play it beneath the stormy clouds, out beneath the stars so bright

Well if I had a fiddle, and if I could play it good
I’d play it on the city streets, I’d play it in the woods
I’d play it at a party right till the police came
And if my fingers started to bleed, I’d keep playing just the same

Yeah if I had a fiddle, and a fancy car besides
I’d go and find my fancy girl and I’d take her for a ride
We’d stop by Hunter’s Hillside and we’d stroll up to the top
And there I’d play my fiddle for her till she asked me please to stop

Yeah if I had a fiddle, and if I had a lass
I’d drive her down the road a piece until we run out of gas
And I’d play that fiddle for her till we got a ride back to town
And if she offered me a kiss, well I’d throw that fiddle down

But I do not have a fiddle, and I do not have a bow
Just a ’96 Tacoma and a heart that loves you so
And I hope that you’ll accept me, and if you won’t, well, you can bet
I’ll be a-heading down to the music store to buy me a drum set
Track Name: Rocky Mountain Home
From the moment I first took an alpine taste
I knew that my first eighteen years had been a waste
I resolved in phrases strong
I’d be heading for the West each time the days were getting long

Well, soon eight thousand feet up I did stand
And within half an hour I had a hammer in my hand
We would work, and we would play
And we would sing around the fire at the closing of the day

Our Rocky Mountain home
It wasn’t built of wood and it wasn’t built of stone
It was built of our intention, our intention was to roam
There was no holding on to our Rocky Mountain home

In the morning, spirits rise up from the lake
Yes, and sometimes in the morning our leave we’d have to take
Though those departures saw me broken and bereft
I knew I’d never write a song if I never left

Our Rocky Mountain home
It wasn’t built of wood and it wasn’t built of stone
It was built of all our youthfulness, as soon as we had grown
We had a place no longer in our Rocky Mountain home

Yes, each time cool and wan September came
Yes, each time the feeling was more or less the same
I could run, but I couldn’t hide
From the future that awaited me across the great divide

Our Rocky Mountain home
It wasn’t built of wood and it wasn’t built of stone
It was built of all our longings, and once our oats were sown
We had a use no longer for our Rocky Mountain home

It was built of our ambition, our ambition was to roam
No, there was no holding on to our Rocky Mountain home
Track Name: (We'll Both Take) The Long Way (Home)
You take a train, I’ll take a bus
You take the we, I’ll take the us
And we will go downtown
To a place that you are bound to already know
You take a stroll, I’ll take a walk
You take the chatter and I’ll take the talk
Forget about that summer by the sea
And I’ll forget that little thing she said to me
All of our stale mythos
We cannot take it with us everywhere we go
Oh, the silences where all our steps are shown
Oh, the silences that love, love lets alone
So you take a right, I’ll take a left
You take the weight, I’ll take the heft
And we’ll both take the long way home
Yeah, we’ll both take the long way home

Oh, the silences when we slip inside
Oh, the silences that love, love lets us elide
So you take a holiday, I’ll take a trip
You take a jump, I’ll take a skip
And we’ll both take the long way home
Yeah, we’ll both take the long way home
Yeah, we’ll both take the long way home
Track Name: Santa Fe
First time I laid sight on you
I was only passing through
Heading for Los Angeles, we had a ways to go
Though I was dressed like such a louse
We drove up to the opera house
Asked if they had any student tickets for the show

Santa Fe, Santa Fe, why must you look at me that way?
Santa Fe, you know that I will not be long to stay

To lighten up that Verdi load
We walked up and down Canyon Road
Stopped into a bar where I began to understand
Why I’d never dug the party scene
Felt adrift and in between
‘cause I would be much happier up singing with the band

At high noon, all the bells will ring
At eight o’clock the choir sings
In between, the plaza is the place for staying cool
Rugged pilgrims off the trail
We were looking to check our email
Meet your friend at the Cowgirl for a couple rounds of pool

I was up at dawn that next day
A cup of coffee, I was on my way
Heading for Colorado, didn’t know what did await
I had not seen the sunlight change
Between a volcano and a mountain range
Or felt the mystery behind your monastery gate

I came back by for a music fair
Saw one of my old teachers there
I said “I liked your piece” and he said “yeah, the same to you”
He’d rented a Mustang, slick and red
He offered me a ride
I said I was getting into meditation, he said “yeah, I have been too”

After that I wandered for a while
Kicking around for a desert smile
Stopping by for a beer, a Topo Chico, and a hang
Felt like I was between gears
Resting on the cresting of the years
Waiting for when inevitability rang

That first house was too big for us
Its old bones made too much fuss
Although we loved the sunsets and the Sangres and the snow
We were made quite quickly to believe
By that frosty New Year’s Eve
There was only one place that we could go

Now we live just down the hill
Where summer afternoons hang still
But I’ll take the train up now and then to have a look
At your tourists bored on the ancient street
Pinyons yawning at the feet
Of mountains posing pretty like a coffee table book
Track Name: Paper Airplane
Torn out from a notebook from a Japanese bookstore
What perfect points and angles, what a plangent metaphor
It will fly, it will fall
It’ll brush the sky, it’ll hit the wall

And the note that it carried across the dark land
Between then and now, from around the bend
It says, “greetings, friend”

It says that all the record stores will close
It says, the ones you think of now, well, they will not be those
That you will write, that you will call
You’ll brush the sky and you’ll hit the wall

And it says, Michigan is covered with trees
Cherry orchards, blossoms and bees
And craft breweries

Look up from the letter with a grin
You’ve no way to decode or discern the things therein
Only time will tell
Like a sorcerer’s spell
That takes a whole lifetime to cast
From the forests of the past

Yes, it says the lakeshore is piled with dunes
White under peninsular moons
You’ll see them soon
Track Name: The Walled Garden
I came upon it before dawn
It was when the night was absolute
The gate was open, I’d been hoping
For an alternate route
Where I could run, where I could ride
Where I could leave my things outside
Neatly laid in dappled shade
Where beautiful wildflowers roll and rivers stroll

You came knocking,
You’d been rocking all your troubles to sleep
The door admitted you, you’d acquitted yourself true,
You carried nothing fit to keep
Now you can run, now you can ride
Now that you left your things outside
Where aspens abound
In the soughing sound
Of breezes brushing the trees’ fineries

John Cage’s and James Joyce’s whispered voices
Come creeping along the fence
They want back in, they went out for a spin,
They make no excuses and no sense
They only run, they only ride
They only left some clues outside
In the pines, where wooden signs
Weathered by the wind and rain
Still remain

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