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Valle Crucis

by Golconda

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Mnemosyne 04:26
O Mnemosyne Will you remember me After I leave this bar The smoke is thick in here Outside the way is clear But it seems a hundred miles from the door to my car And I’ve been suffering, I’ve been suffering so long O Terpsichore Save a dance for me I’ll be ready after one more drink I’m putting up a fight I know my left from my right I just need some time to think ‘Cause I’ve been suffering, I’ve been suffering so long I’ve been suffering, I’ve been suffering so long O Hesperides Hear my desperation please When I say I don’t want this night to end I won’t pick up the phone I’ll leave your apples alone It’s just that I’ve been looking, looking for a friend And I’ve been suffering, I’ve been suffering so long O Mnemosyne With your lamp of memory Tell me of your nine nights of love Back in Britannia Me and Urania Will look into the future as we gaze above The stars have been simmering, they’ve been simmering so long
River Song 04:04
Ever since we were children, the river was here So we don’t even notice its roaring in our ears And we never knew its flavor or felt its blue halo ’Til the day we floated downstream to see the church in Cairo Downtown was deserted the day we set forth And your grandmother said there was a cold wind from the north But you’d lost a child, and I’d lost a friend It was up to the Creator to bring us back again Well, they say the cathedral is built of white stones Though we couldn’t find a picture when we checked it on our phones But they say that it’s tall and they say that it’s fair And some say Abe Lincoln was baptized there We were camped on the shore when the talking fish came He said, “I come from the priests and their authority I claim: Though your journey is noble, the path hence is narrow: One and only one of you will make it to Cairo.” In the morning the clouds were as thick as gray sheep And we took to the water still blinking with sleep We did not fear the prophecy would break us For we’d never assumed where the current might take us
Valparaiso 03:54
She was a mountain nymph from outside Limache At the age of sixteen she stole away To the city down the road But she quickly tired of that harbor town The grime and the soot simply brought her down ’Til she discovered the hidden cove She loved to swim, but she wouldn’t say so She was silent on the beach of Valparaiso When fleeing her home she’d had no choice The goddess of the mountain had stolen her voice She was too beautiful to be allowed to stay that way So the hot summer’s noon when the nobleman came He failed to notice her doelike frame As he walked to the water to rinse the day away She loved him, but she couldn’t say so She was silent by the sea of Valparaíso The spirits of the mountain had followed her there Her joy was more than the goddess could bear She sought to make the nymph disappear But the other gods thought the penalty cruel And the noble youth such a thick-headed fool They bid that part of her remain, at his back like a breeze, on his face like a tear, She was beautiful, and her voice it would remain so Singing on the shores of Valparaîso She loved him, but she would never say so And her voice still hangs from the cliffs of Valparaíso
Isle of Rest 06:55
We sailed all night beneath a following moon ’til we came to an island where it’s always afternoon Where the air seemed to slacken the idle river’s flow and even the light as it fell from the treetops was slow We would stay but a day in this vaporous bastion This place was just an answer and the world is built on a question We walked down the beach until we came upon a cadre reclining with faces like pale fronds And eyes like a paintbrush wet-tipped in the spring and of fruits and of flowers they gave us an offering And it seemed but a lark to accept their suggestion In this place that’s just an answer while the world is built on a question We eat of the fruit and we lie down to rest with a golden warmth like honey spreading across our chests And our eyes start to close and our ears start to ring and along with the song in the trees we begin to sing You hills and you orchards, accept our confession We would set our souls free from their constant oppression In this place that’s just an answer while the world is built on a question (Sailors' Chorus:) Rest ye, brothers, on this sultry shore Rest ye, and we will sail no more
Solstice 04:23
It is a song from winter’s icy breeze It is a postcard from the wine-dark leaves It is a message from last year’s rain This clear night under a sweep of stars As melodious smoke from our cigars Curls and spirals among the aspen branches and out across the plains It is the profit of the work that we have done It is the promise of June’s unrelenting sun It is the aspiration that brought us to the door This fire that crackles at our feet Our backs to the chill, our faces to the heat As the dog, all curled and spiraled, starts to snore This is what we came out here for It was the snowpack that fed the fields and flowers It was the sunken treasure of all my wasted hours It was being without you so long that led me to you Tomorrow we’ll walk the meadow for miles Like a secret that curls and spirals In the heart of every wildflower, through me and through you This is why things were better once I knew you


Luke Gullickson — guitars, sing; drums (1)
Ben Hjertmann — pedal steel (1,2,4); drums (2); sing (1,4); bowed guitar & cymbals (5)
Emmalee Hunnicutt — cello (5)
additional sailors on “Isle of Rest” are Jonathon Sale, Ben Hjertmann, Brady Kennedy & Ingrid Forsyth

recorded by Ben Hjertmann / Earhead Recordings
mixed by LG
mastered by BH

cover art by Po Nwar (a.k.a. Sarah Velleyen)

“Isle of Rest” contains material adapted from “The Lotos-eaters” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

music & lyrics by Luke Gullickson 
Jan - Feb 2018, Albuquerque 
© 2018 by Two Labyrinths Music (ASCAP)


released June 15, 2018

2LR 011

℗ 2018 by Two Labyrinths Records 
PO Box 10185
Albuquerque, NM 87184

Visit twolabyrinths.space

2LR is a division of the Two Labyrinths Institute for Sound and Symbology.


all rights reserved



Golconda Albuquerque, New Mexico

Peripatetic avant-troubadour songs for the discerning vagabond

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